Metatranscriptome Sequencing

    Metatranscriptome sequencing is sequencing of RNA molecules of microbial community to reveal the structure, function and diversity. It also complements metagenome sequencing. This approach of sequencing will help researches to conduct different studies like antibiotic resistance prediction, host pathogen interaction, quantifying gene expression changes, tracking disease progression etc.


    1. Transcriptome profiling of microbial community for taxonomic classification, functional annotation and quantification of transcript abundance.

    2. Species abundance estimation

    3. Gene expression analysis to assess the impact of environmental condition on microbial community

    4. Interpretation of functional interactions within microbial communities

    Sequencing Workflow

    1. RNA Extraction

    2. RNA quality check using Qubit and Gel Electrophoresis for integrity

    3. Preparation of the sequencing libraries

    4. Validation of the prepared library

    5. Sequencing (HiSeq/NextSeq/Pacbio)

    6. Bioinformatics Analysis