Genotyping by Sequencing

    Target based approach
    Genotyping of specific target by PCR enrichment of gene or genome area of interest for analyzing genetic variations


    1. Genotyping and SNP discovery

    2. Phylogenetic analysis

    3. Population structure: carrying out population genetic studies on species with without reference genome sequence data

    4. To detect restriction site presence/absence polymorphisms or SNPs and Indels in the sequencing flanking the restriction site

    5. Complex analysis such as quantitative genetic and phylogeographic studies

    6. Linkage, QTL, association mapping

    7. Genome wide and marker-trait assoication studies

    8. Germplasm assessment

    Sequencing Workflow

    1. DNA Extraction

    2. DNA quality check using Qubit and Gel Electrophoresis

    3. Preparation of the sequencing libraries

    4. Validation of the prepared library

    5. Sequencing (HiSeq/NextSeq/Pacbio)

    6. Bioinformatics Analysis