de novo Sequencing

    de novo sequencing is decoding of ATGC arrangements of an uncharacterized genome whose reference sequence is not available. It is carried out without the prior knowledge of the genome sequence of interest and also provides novel insight into an organism genetics and biology.
    BGC provides whole genome sequencing of plants, animals, human and microbes with various combination of sequencing platforms (Illimina, PacBio) and library types (Paired-end, mate-pair, PacBio Bell) with different sequencing read lengths.


    1. Generation of accurate and complete reference sequence genome map of an organism.

    2. Effective method to understand genetics of an organism

    3. Genome wide identification of genetic variations for developing genetic markers

    Sequencing Workflow

    1. DNA Extraction

    2. DNA quality check using Qubit and Bioanalyser

    3. Preparation of the sequencing libraries)

    4. Validation of the prepared library

    5. Sequencing (MiSeq/HiSeq/NextSeq/Pacbio)

    6. Bioinformatics Analysis